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Hi, Klaus-

On 8/30/11 3:17 AM, klaus wrote:
> Your SVG introduction page ( is meant
> for whom??

It's meant for learning about the SVG Working Group itself, about the 
specifications and group logistics, for the standardization of the 
language.  It's not intended for people trying to learn how to use SVG.

The primary purpose of W3C is standardization, not education.

> I googled svg to learn something of it and thought your page would be
> the most informative, but it is nothing sort of it.
> svG (graphics) explanation and related pages (links to) are nothing more
> than TEXT with NO illustrative examples. How come? Person not knowing
> the hidden meaning of words you have used do not get any idea what can
> be done (shown) on web pages.
> So, Please, include examples (simple, medium, extreme) or links to those
> graphics, so that an idea of what can be done is conveyed to the layman.

We are indeed planning on adding many more resources for learning SVG, 
in the form of articles, reference guides, and so on.

I helped found the Web Education Community Group [1], where we are 
building a community of contributors for tutorials and other educational 
material for the spectrum on W3C technologies, not just SVG.  I'm 
personally working with some of my friends from Opera on a set of 
articles on SVG, which we should have up soon.  Anyone interested in 
helping with building educational materials at W3C should join the Web 
Education CG!

In the meantime, David Dailey's SVG Primer [2] might help you get 
started with SVG, and you can read about related technologies from the 
Web Standards Curriculum articles donated by Opera [3].

I will certainly link to the SVG educational stuff from the SVG WG home 
page, once we get them posted.  Thanks for the suggestion.


-Doug Schepers
W3C Developer Outreach
Project Coordinator, SVG, WebApps, Touch Events, and Audio WGs

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