Re: You ought to do better !

klaus wrote:
> Your SVG introduction page ( is meant 
> for whom??
> I googled svg to learn something of it and thought your page would be 
> the most informative, but it is nothing sort of it.

This is a structural problem in the web as a whole.  Project home pages 
are invariably news pages for the committed, not introductory pages for 
the curious.   This applies to SourceForge as well as the W3C projects. 
  On SourceForge it can be quite difficult finding what the project is 
actually about - one often has to go to the source repository.

B2B commercial web sites are just as bad for finding what the product 
is, but in that case because they are all "business benefits", which 
strangely seem to the same for every single product!

David Woolley
Emails are not formal business letters, whatever businesses may want.
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