Re: Landing of SVG 1.1 SE and freezing of previous version's absolute links

Hello www-svg,

Helder Magalhães <>  wrote
> As SVG 1.1 Second Edition is landing, it might be necessary to freeze
> the previous version's absolute links...?
> I've bumped at one such case yesterday, in "Appendix E: ECMAScript
> Language Binding" [1]: the link currently there [2] (which currently
> is displaying an HTTP 404 error page) should intuitively be reworked
> to reflect the frozen specification version absolute link [3].
> While browsing through even older versions of the specification, link
> rework seems to have occurred (for example, the same section [4] in
> 20021115 version holds a link to the expected location [5]).
> Probably other similar links (for example, "Appendix D: Java Language
> Binding" [6]) need to be reworked as well. I haven't found an easy way
> to check for (potential) remaining cases.

Thanks for the comment. I will ask the W3C comm team if the old 1.1
first edition can be edited in place to alter the links to dated ones
as you suggest.

Tracker, this is ACTION-2907

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