Re: Inheritance during SVG Animation of CSS properties -- should "base value" incorporate ancestors' animation effects?

On 06/08/2010 05:38 PM, Daniel Holbert wrote:
> So, to clarify this issue generally, I propose that the SVG spec be
> amended/clarified to state something like this:
> ========
> If an attribute is being animated and its base value* could be influenced
> by another attribute's animated value**, then during each animation
> sample, the browser should compose animations on the influencing attribute
> _before_ composing animations on the potentially-influenced attribute.***

I should generalize this text a bit, actually: in the first line, "its 
base value" should be replaced with "one of the values that we're 
animating between".

This is because we also need to account for situations where the animation 
attributes |from/by/to/values| have the special "inherit" or "currentColor 
values. (e.g. along with the examples already given, we need to handle 
situations like <animate to="inherit" ...> or <animate from="currentColor" 

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