Re: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)

Hi, Alex-

Alex Danilo wrote (on 6/3/10 8:11 PM):
> --Doug explains--:
>>Please recall that since he wasn't there, Alex was typing stuff into IRC
>>that was not in sync with the verbal conversation, but rather were
>>responses to what had been scribed.  So, your quoted passage is a
>>non-sequential non-sequitur.
> Yes indeed. Apologies to all for breaking the temporal flow which
> has confused reading of the minutes.
> To properly read them, please take note that any lines beginning
> with<name>  are typed in by individuals, not the scribe.
> Best if you just ignore anything starting with<AlexD>  to be safe.
> I'll just head off now to bash some rocks together.

TO be clear, I wasn't implying that your contributions are not valuable; 
indeed, I doubt anyone has as much SVG implementation experience as you. 
  We were reading your comments out loud in the F2F and integrating them 
into the conversation, but they were not in sync with the apparent flow 
of the conversation.

It seems it's not a good idea for people to read too much into the 
minutes... maybe we should publish summaries instead of raw minutes?

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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