Re: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)

Hi All,

--Doug explains--:
>Hi, Robert-
>Robert O'Callahan wrote (on 6/2/10 11:46 PM):
>>     <AlexD> Are there any tests for HTMl5 parsing conformance?
>>     pdengler: MSIE 9 hsa no plans for this, its for later. first we need
>>     to rationalise and unionise many things
>>     ... i could throw out some idea on default inlining SVG... putting
>>     an XY coordinateon a div in svg, that wont hold unless you ge tthe
>>     other stuff sorted
>>     ... we have to nail the union of the 2 specs
>> Does this mean that Microsoft isn't committed to following the HTML5
>> spec for parsing SVG in HTML?
>Please recall that since he wasn't there, Alex was typing stuff into IRC 
>that was not in sync with the verbal conversation, but rather were 
>responses to what had been scribed.  So, your quoted passage is a 
>non-sequential non-sequitur.

Yes indeed. Apologies to all for breaking the temporal flow which
has confused reading of the minutes.

To properly read them, please take note that any lines beginning
with <name> are typed in by individuals, not the scribe.

Best if you just ignore anything starting with <AlexD> to be safe.

I'll just head off now to bash some rocks together.


>A more accurate reading of the minutes would be:
>shepazu: MSIE considered novel syntax...
>pdengler: MSIE 9 hsa no plans for this, its for later. first we need to 
>rationalise and unionise many things
>In other words, as I understand it, the IE team does not plan to pursue 
>parsing beyond that defined in the HTML5 spec, for IE9, and that any 
>such differences would happen through coordination between the SVG and 
>-Doug Schepers
>W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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