RE: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)

Wow, I didn’t mean to ever imply that we were not committed to following the HTML5 spec.   Sometimes the scribes don’t capture the nature or details of the conversation. In fact jwatt and I are going to collaborate on the HTML5 test cases (which I think is indicated later in the notes).

And I will definitely get this issue to our test team to investigate.  Thanks for pointing it out.

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<AlexD> Are there any tests for HTMl5 parsing conformance?

pdengler: MSIE 9 hsa no plans for this, its for later. first we need to rationalise and unionise many things
... i could throw out some idea on default inlining SVG... putting an XY coordinateon a div in svg, that wont hold unless you ge tthe other stuff sorted
... we have to nail the union of the 2 specs

Does this mean that Microsoft isn't committed to following the HTML5 spec for parsing SVG in HTML? Because Microsoft has tests for parsing SVG in HTML, where they compare IE9 Dev Preview to released versions of other browsers:

These tests are listed as "HTML5" tests. It would seem ... odd ... to claim parsing SVG in HTML as an HTML5 feature while not actually committing to follow the HTML5 spec for that feature.

I should also point out that all of the Microsoft SVG-in-HTML tests that I looked at are invalid according to the HTML5 spec. They all rely on the IE bug where the DOM 'childNodes' list does not include text nodes that are entirely collapsed whitespace. These tests should really be fixed or removed ... it doesn't look good to claim a higher degree of HTML5 conformance than other browsers based on tests that rely on an IE HTML5 conformance bug.

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