Revisiting SVG Replicate and InkML

There was a lot of positive feedback about David Dailey's proposed 
<replicate> extension.

( some of the recent thread )

I'd like to re-visit use-cases that have been served in InkML:

I'd written a small note over to www-dom a few months ago:

The InkML channel concept extends (in my mind) the SVG Path concept
with additional data types: affine transformations and stroke and fill 

David's <replicate> extension serves a use-case I've come up against
when implementing a pressure-sensitive drawing surface; as well as some
declarative drawing techniques.

It's quite an elegant solution, and his demos certainly prove its viability.

I'd like to see some discussion about how we might bring rotation
into the mix, amongst other things. My vector drawings include rotation
as well as scaling.

Without an enhanced <replicate>, I'm left with an unmanageable number of 
<use> tags.

I'm not proposing here that an SVG+InkML be implemented; just that some 
of their
progress be reviewed for an upcoming SVG standard.


On the topic of <altGlyph> and SVG Fonts. Would a short-hand (string 
based) <use>
tag make any sense?

<useAt>#arbitraryGlyph1 x y #arbitraryGlyph2 x y</useAt>

This, with the application of short hand rotation and scaling, would 
serve several
use cases without being a total kludge (or that difficult to implement).


Received on Thursday, 3 June 2010 17:23:06 UTC