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Re: SVG Fonts [...]

From: Charles Pritchard <chuck@jumis.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2010 10:04:40 -0700
Message-ID: <4C07E0A8.9080307@jumis.com>
To: robert@ocallahan.org
CC: Alex Danilo <alex@abbra.com>, "Dr. Olaf Hoffmann" <Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de>, www-svg@w3.org
Currently, Canvas doesn't have a concept of a path string.

It'd be helpful in some minor situations  (to be able to run..  
fillPath("M0 0..... ", x,y), strokePath,);
but it's just syntactic sugar.

I'd love to see a text to path data API for Fonts.
Such APIs are often intentionally obscured to protect the copy rights of 
font authors.

getGlyphOutline a la java.awt, or something like it, would certainly 
satisfy my needs
for font manipulation.

Is there any precedence in current SVG drafts for such data handling?
Is that something more of a computed style, in CSS?

<text id="test">String</text>
pathData = test.getComputedStyle('svgpath');

Any chance of us firming up an API while we're here?


On 6/3/2010 12:42 AM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 6:00 PM, Charles Pritchard <chuck@jumis.com 
> <mailto:chuck@jumis.com>> wrote:
>     I see no technical barrier for SVG-to-canvas solutions in the future.
>     Is it an unnecessary use-case, that a person may want to apply a
>     "filter"
>     to the paths in an font? Path filters can't access the underlying
>     data of a binary font, without a descriptive API above the font.
>     Any chance of getting more data than "width" for WOFF?
> Most graphics APIs offer a way to convert text to path data. I think 
> canvas and SVG should too.
> Rob
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