Re: SVG Fonts [Re: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)]

>> I don't think that we disagree about the fundamental approach going
>> forward; SVG Fonts should be developed in a separate module, and
>> implementations should decide whether they support it depending on demand.
>>  I think there will be a strong case for it, but that's something to be
>> decided later.
> That sounds very good. In light of that, would it be reasonable to ask Hixie
> to remove the SVG Fonts tests from Acid3?

I think that a basic SVG Fonts support - with only path data
description for glyphs - should remain as part of SVG, and then the
more general, full featured, SVG Fonts (supporting glyphs described by
arbitrary blocks of SVG) should be in a separate optional module.

Felipe Sanches

Received on Wednesday, 2 June 2010 12:30:19 UTC