Re: SVG Fonts [Re: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)]


> I've been told by Dave Crossland (from Open Font Library, and an Invited
> Expert on the new Fonts WG), that there is a patch for SVG Fonts for
> Firefox, but that it hasn't been accepted.  I haven't verified this
> myself, but I assumed it was true.

There is an old patch that implemented a small subset of SVG fonts ( The main issues with
it are:

   - Architecturally it is only designed to work with SVG. If we do SVG
   fonts we'd want them to be able to be used by html, mathml etc. SVG only
   initially would be OK as long as the architectural design was extendable.
   - It parses the glyph path every time it draws a glyph so it's horribly
   - It no longer applies to the current codebase. This last is pretty
   straightforward to fix in isolation.

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