Re: SVG in HTML (was: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday))

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 10:35 AM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> For their SVG and X/HTML implementation, Patrick casually mentioned that
> the IE Team considered (but did not implement) mixed-language cases like:
> <div>
>  <p>This is a paragraph.</p>
>  <circle cx="75" cy="25" r="20" fill="orange" stroke="red" />
>  <p>Did the circle above render?</p>
> </div>
> and
> <g>
>  <rect x="5" y="55" width="40" height="40" fill="orange" stroke="blue" />
>  <p>This is some HTML text without a foreignObject parent.</p>
>  <video .../>
>  <circle cx="75" cy="25" r="20" fill="orange" stroke="red" />
> </g>
> These are cases that a reasonable person might try to do... that is,
> interleave SVG and HTML without the roots or special container elements.
>  So, my open question was, how firm is the existing behavior in HTML5?
>  Shipping browser implementations restrict how much can be changed (assuming
> that any changes are required at all).

I don't think shipping an HTML5-spec parser is going to constrain us from
supporting stuff like the above as a future extension. The real constraints
are existing content and obvious spec issues. For example, the SVG tags that
have the same names as HTML tags can't be disambiguated outside an <svg>
container. We may find significant tag-soup HTML containing tags that have
the same names as SVG tags, where interpreting them as SVG breaks the page.

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