RE: base URL of the SVg document

Hi Rik,

Thanks for bringing up this bug! Sorry the feedback program wasn't working for you, but rest assured that we are aware of the bug and are tracking it internally. :)


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So, this is not how IE9 resolves it so it's a bug in their code.
I tried to submit this through their feedback program but it's not working for me.

Do you know where I can submit this?


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* Rik Cabanier wrote:
>I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I'm seeing issues with loading resources.
>If we have a SVG file that is located in a sub directory and it uses resources such as images, we have different behavior where the images should be located.
>In the case of webkit and minefield, the URL of the image resource is based of the URL of the SVG file.
>In ie9 however, it is based of the URL of the HTML file.

Well if you have /1/example.html which refers to /2/example.svg and in /2/example.svg you have a relative reference like "example.png" then that is resolved independently of the address of the HTML document, so unless there are other things to consider, like xml:base attributes, that resolves to /2/example.png.
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