Re: [SVG1.1F2 LC] Chapter 7: Unexpected characters in interface definition

On Friday, August 13, 2010, 12:22:10 AM, Helder wrote:

HM> Hi everyone,

HM> I'm aware that the last call commenting period ended about a month ago
HM> [1] but here goes: I was just crawling through the new specification
HM> when I stumbled across unexpected characters in section "7.14.4
HM> Interface SVGTransform" [2], such as "scale(…)", where the
HM> unexpected characters are "…". 

Thanks for the report. This is being tracked as

ISSUE-2360  idl-borked
Last Call Issue: encoding breakage in idl conversion

HM> As there are several occurrences, I'm
HM> guessing that they were probably caused by some issue with the
HM> generation scripts...? Update: I just confirmed the hypothesis and the
HM> issue seems to be triggered by the several ellipsis characters ("…")
HM> present in svg.idl [3]. Opening that file with an UTF-8 text editor
HM> properly displays "scale(…)" (found in line 3078, for example).

So it looks as if the scripts were operating on bytes not characters, and have taken two bytes of UTF-8 and encoded each byte as a Latin-1 character, the result being encoded again in UTF-8. Eww.

Yes, we will fix this of course.

HM> Hope this helps,
HM>  Helder

HM> [1]
HM> [2]
HM> [3]

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