Re: More Ideas around DOM Constructors

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Jeff Schiller wrote (on 11/25/09 2:03 PM):
> Is there a proposal on how to handle attributes in different
> namespaces with DOM Constructors?  If we specify a property bag is it
> ok to just do:
> { fill: "red", "xlink:href", "foo.html" } ?
> As long as xlink: lines up with a declared namespace prefix?

My approach was similar, but didn't rely on a QName-syle approach 
because of some brittleness there.  Here's how I did it [1]:

  root.createElement( "use", { href:[ xlinkns, "#my_circle" ], x:30, 
y:"-30" } );

> Or perhaps the reliance on the XLink namespace is going away ?

I would like to move away from the use of the XLink NS, since the 
promise of the XLink spec never really materialized.  There are 
complications, but I think we can do it.

I don't think the idea of namespaced attributes is going to go away, so 
a good generic API will have to handle them.


-Doug Schepers
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