Clarifications for <image> and Integration module

Hi folks!

I'm hoping you can help with a few clarifications.

<image>: The Document Structure module states:

"For a single-channel raster image, the effect is as if the object were converted into a 4-channel RGBA image, where the single channel from the referenced object is used to compute the three color channels and the alpha channel is uniformly set to 1."

Is it expected that single channel raster images are actually converted in memory to 4 channel, or just that the images can "appear" (have 'the effect').

Integration: I've been reading on the improvements to the methods by which SVG can be surfaced on the web.  Is this module:

expected to be integrated back into 1.1 2nd edition, or is this to be rolled into SVG 2.0?

Thanks in advanced for any help to clarify these issues.

Patrick Dengler
Senior Program Manager

Received on Saturday, 21 November 2009 15:24:03 UTC