Re: More Ideas around DOM Constructors

Hi everyone,

> [snip]
>> 1) Extend createElement(), createElementNS() with a new argument.
>> This new argument should be a name-value map of attributes. †In JS
>> this would look like:
>> createElement("circle", {cx: 40, cy:40, r:20, fill:"red"})
>> As before, this returns the element, which you could then
>> appendChild/insertBefore, etc.
> I really like this idea. To me, this feels more like a single event to
> create an element. When I do
> † createElement( "circle" )
> I feel like I've got a "not quite an object". It's not really created
> until I make a bunch of set calls.

Well mentioned! :-)

This probably would also lead to a good performance boost for DOM2
Mutation Events use-cases, as the object and most or all of its
attributes could then throw a single (?) event. Of course that
arguably a small user base uses it, due to current lack of
cross-implementation support, but still a potential improvement... :-)



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