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SVG 1.1 and CSS3 Units and Values

From: Harel Williams <harelw@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 01:08:27 +0000
To: "www-svg@w3.org" <www-svg@w3.org>
CC: Ted Johnson <tedj@microsoft.com>, Patrick Dengler <patd@microsoft.com>
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Hey SVG WG friends,

As you are probably already aware, the CSS3 Values and Units Module (http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-values/) defines a whole bunch of unit values that are not defined in SVG 1.1 Second Edition specification. I am guessing this is probably because SVG 1.1 predates much of the CSS3 work (I believe the SVG Basic Types chapter references CSS2 for units and values). It seems like it would be very useful to have access to the new CSS3 units in SVG 1.1, and would introduce few, if any, technical/compat issues (feel free to correct me if I'm totally off here). These units include:

* Angle
	o turn (not specified in SVG 1.1)

* Relative Units
	o gd (not specified in SVG 1.1)
	o rem (not specified in SVG 1.1)
	o vw (not specified in SVG 1.1)
	o vh (not specified in SVG 1.1)
	o vm (not specified in SVG 1.1)
	o ch (not specified in SVG 1.1)

Are there plans to add these units into the SVG 1.1 Second Edition specification, or is this going to be primarily considered as part of SVG 2.0? Are SVG implementers planning to add support for these unit values as part of their SVG 1.1 implementations anyways/additively? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

-Harel, IE Program Manager
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