Re: [1.2T LC] WAI-ARIA use of @role as discussed under 'extensible metadata attributes' (ISSUE-2074)

Hi, Al-

Al Gilman wrote (on 9/28/08 8:12 PM):
> ** proposed change
> * from
> When used with ARIA, the 'role' attribute must be one of a specific set
> of keywords from the ARIA ontology, and to be most effective, needs to
> be used in conjunction with other attributes defined by ARIA, each with
> a specific set of corresponding values relevant to the particular role.
> * to
> When SVG is used with WAI-ARIA, some of the strings in the list in the
> 'role' attribute value may match one or more values designated as role
> names in that specification.  In this case, WAI-ARIA defines additional
> processing for the elements bearing these 'role' values including
> requirements for the use of further WAI-ARIA-defined attributes.  Note
> that this processing does not interfere with host language processing,
> but supplements it with regard to the mapping of content to
> accessibility APIs.

I adopted your wording to match the aim of the bullet point. [1] Note
that the context was not to explain ARIA, but rather to indicate in
general some particular restrictions of attribute values that arise from
integration with other specs, above and beyond what is required by the
SVG spec itself.

Please review the changes to the spec, and let us know promptly if this
satisfies your comment.



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