Re: [1.2T LC] WAI-ARIA use of @role as discussed under 'extensible metadata attributes' (ISSUE-2074)

On 9 Oct 2008, at 2:04 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:

> Hi, Al-
> Al Gilman wrote (on 9/28/08 8:12 PM):
>> ** proposed change
>> * from
>> When used with ARIA, the 'role' attribute must be one of a  
>> specific set
>> of keywords from the ARIA ontology, and to be most effective,  
>> needs to
>> be used in conjunction with other attributes defined by ARIA, each  
>> with
>> a specific set of corresponding values relevant to the particular  
>> role.
>> * to
>> When SVG is used with WAI-ARIA, some of the strings in the list in  
>> the
>> 'role' attribute value may match one or more values designated as  
>> role
>> names in that specification.  In this case, WAI-ARIA defines  
>> additional
>> processing for the elements bearing these 'role' values including
>> requirements for the use of further WAI-ARIA-defined attributes.   
>> Note
>> that this processing does not interfere with host language  
>> processing,
>> but supplements it with regard to the mapping of content to
>> accessibility APIs.
> I adopted your wording to match the aim of the bullet point. [1] Note
> that the context was not to explain ARIA, but rather to indicate in
> general some particular restrictions of attribute values that arise  
> from
> integration with other specs, above and beyond what is required by the
> SVG spec itself.
> Please review the changes to the spec, and let us know promptly if  
> this
> satisfies your comment.

aside:  I still don't see how in one breath you can say that use with  
RDFa requires all @rel/rev values to be CURIEs and in the next breath  
say you can mix and match RDFa and microformats.

Rough hack at rewrite:

> rel/rev values may be CURIEs indicating concepts identified by IRIs
> after the manner of RDFa, or may be given definitions using the  
> techniques
> of microformats.

On the other hand, as far as it affects the discussion of WAI-ARIA in  
the extensible metadata attributes paragraph, it all looks fine to me.


> [1]
> metadata.html#MetadataAttributes
> Regards-
> -Doug

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