Re: dilemma of cache: two types of image


I have already outlined a clear use case.

a user who does not want to or is not capable of learning svg,  
xmlhttprequest, javascript and php,
but wishes to embed a symbol for  the current weather in their homepage.

what is it about this use case that you don't understand?


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On 28 Jul 2008, at 22:40, Doug Schepers wrote:

> Hi, Jonathan-
> Jonathan Chetwynd wrote (on 7/28/08 9:15 AM):
>> David,
>> copyright is a red-herring, all the images we use are public domain.
> Copyright is relevant to the larger discussion, as not all images  
> are public domain, even if yours are.  We have to solve the general  
> case in designing a language.
>> furthermore those people who provide images in feeds, presumably  
>> understand and intend them for repurposing by 'others'.
>> afaik there are no feed readers that display images.
>> similar arguments apply to your ethical case.
> Actually, David's post was very helpful in scoping the range of use  
> cases.
>> the fact is that our users and many people would benefit from being  
>> able to simply embed these types of information into their own  
>> resources.
>> hence the development of feeds...
> You may be right, but it's hard to tell without more data.  Can you  
> please outline some concrete use cases and requirements, preferably  
> citing existing practice, so we can work on the technical aspects of  
> just what would need to happen to satisfy those use cases?
> Since you are serving as the advocate for what you term "naive  
> users", and want to get them more involved in setting standards, I  
> suggest that you engage them directly in finding what they do today,  
> what they want to be able to do, and what they feel is blocking them  
> from doing it. It's probably not reasonable to push them on  
> technical details, so anecdotal examples from their perspective is  
> probably enough for us to drill into technical solutions.  Please  
> indicate where the use cases are identified by your constituents,  
> and where you have made inferences and conclusions based on your  
> observation.
> There's no need to be overly formal in your report (though that may  
> be useful for you to reuse it for your own purposes), but  
> thoroughness will help us to produce the best solution.
> Thanks for identifying a possible use case and bringing it to our  
> attention.  If we find that the data merits it, this could form part  
> of the basis for a module.  It may be that we find the use cases can  
> be adequately solved with other means or other technologies, so your  
> input won't be wasted even if the SVG WG doesn't end up specifying  
> anything, since hopefully you will have gotten some solution.
> Regards-
> -Doug Schepers
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