Re: Applying SVG properties to non-SVG content

On Jul 12, 2008, at 01:08 , Doug Schepers wrote:
> From a logistical point of view, the obvious time and place to  
> continue this discussion is at the TPAC in October.

Do we know if the primary players will be attending it? If not, it  
might not be worth waiting :)

> Personally, I see this as a high priority.  I think it should be  
> started in a timeframe that allows Mozilla, Opera, and Safari to  
> include this in upcoming product releases.
> CDF WG might be a good place for this to be specified, or we could  
> form a new joint Task Force.

Isn't there some form of contradiction between declaring something to  
be high priority and suggesting that the CDF WG might do it?

PS: I believe I'm still waiting for an answer Doug!

Robin Berjon -

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