Re: SVG1.1 New Accessibility Guidelines? & keyboard

> Olaf,
> thanks for your prompt response,
> perhaps you would consider my example:
> accessKey does not wfm in recent nightly builds of Opera, do you have
> an example that does?

My tests can in general be found in my own test suite about animation:

Currently I started to perform all thousend tests with Opera 9.50 beta
and Squiggle 1.7 and do some fixes of errors in (hopefully only) a few
samples too.

Your example and my examples seem to work with the noted restrictions
about additional keys for Opera 9.50 beta 
(I used the Linux build 1737 and I think there is no change in the behaviour
since 9.00). 

> the example above was tested on Squiggle and Opera, the only two UA
> that I know to support animate. The result is not encouraging, as
> there are a number of differences.

The differences I have seen are related to the accumulate attribute
I guess? I did not test yet Squiggle with by animations and not with
accumulate, but I think, the behaviour with your example is not
correct. Opera fixed a lot of additive and accumulate bugs, I reported
in the last years. But with these attributes I already had a lot of fun
in many tests ;o) With your sample, I think, the behaviour of Opera
9.50 beta is ok (apart from the problem with the additinal shift+escape
to activate accessKey).

Surprisingly Opera 9.25 refuses cooperation for example
with the click event in the first 5s in your sample ;o)

> perhaps we could design some simpler tests, and agree what should
> happen.

See above; in the beginning I had the problem after some weeks
or months to decide, whether an older test is past or failed, then
I started to created improved tests with some 'standard' behaviour 
to simplify this a little bit.

> there is little point in developing a spec, unless the UAs agree on
> it's implementation...

Oh - there are still a few nasty problems in the SMIL specs and
some more in SVG with animations. Therefore I do not think, it
is easy to develop a consistent specifications or to implement
the current specifications consistently and completely. Both is
somehow a complex piece of art or logics. And indeed some
nasty areas will only be discovered when animation is getting
more used and more exotic combinations for elements, attributes
and values are explored - there are still a lot of fun and surprises
waiting for any interested party ;o)

Received on Saturday, 19 January 2008 19:05:56 UTC