Re: SVGT1.2: Usage of currentColor in animations

On Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 12:52:03 PM, Dr. wrote:

DOH> If color itself is animated as in animate-elem-85-t it will not be sufficient
DOH> to pass the test, if the currentColor is only determined at the beginning
DOH> of another animation. It has to be determined any time, the value
DOH> is needed, if color is changed somehow. I think, this behaviour can 
DOH> already be determined from the property name, it is currentColor and
DOH> not pastColor or futureColor or something like this.

Yes; and the definition seems clear (to me) in the spec:

    Indicates that painting shall be done using the color specified by the current animated value of the 'color' property.

DOH> For example in the bottom subtest of animate-elem-85-t the resulting
DOH> color changes in a quadratic dependence, because both fill and color
DOH> are animated and currentColor is the to-value for fill.

DOH> This is somehow similar to the behaviour of to-animations with 
DOH> underlying animations, obviously not really easy to implement, but
DOH> for any example it is precisely testable, whether this is implemented
DOH> correctly or not. And currently, I think it is risky for authors to rely on
DOH> such more complex animations unfortunately.

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