Re: Text-Area : Adding new attribut "anchor-position"

Hi Kevin,

The text-align and display-align attributes on the textArea element allow
the positioning within the textArea invisible frame.

For example text-align="start" and display-align="before" positions the
text on the top-left corner of the frame. text-align="center" and
display-align="center" would place the text in the middle of the frame.

I agree that the description/explanation could be better. We can add a few
words for clarification here, maybe a graphics.

This is not exactly what you propose. One always has to specify the upper
left corner and width and height of the frame. But coming from the
envisaged anchor point of the textArea it it is very easy to calculate the
upper left corner, f.e. if you want a center anchor point, you just
calculate x = x_anchorpoint - width/2 and y = y_anchorpoint - height/2

I think that combination of text-align, display-align and the very simple
formula does exactly what you want.

I agree, an additional anchorpoint would be slightly easier, but this late
(the spec is already in CR phase) it is hard to justify new attributes and
behavior. Instead we can raise an issue for SVG 1.2 full to introduce an
anchor-point property as you propose. Nevertheless, we will discuss this
in Thursdays SVG WG telephone conference and see what people think about


> Thanks for your replay.
> I'm not sure if this is the same. The description in the specs is a little
> bit defuse for me. What display-align means is not clear to me at all.
> What I would like to see is, to speek in a picture, a (invisible) frame
> that can be put with his anchor point to an arbitrary position in the SVG
> area. That would enable the SVN users to position object descriptions i.e.
> on diagramms or models on objects. When you can specify the anchor point
> of the "frame" directly, you don't need to calculate the position of the
> text-area, but you can use the position of the object to describe and set
> the description left, right or on top of that objekt.
> If you can do this with those other properties I'm fine with that. But the
> description should be made better (maybe a picture helps).
> regards,
> Kevin
>> Hello Kevin,
>> Thank you for your feedback on the SVG Tiny 1.2 specification.
>> Did you have a look at the text-align and display-align attributes? It
>> seems to me that what you propose (except the coordinate/coordinate
>> case) can be handled by the combination of these two attributes. Here is
>> also a little illustration illustrating the inline- and block
>> progression-properties.
>> For example what you propose as "middle-center" would be
>> text-align="center" and display-align="center".
>> This is already implemented in a beta of Opera 9.5, available from
>> - you can test it and report
>> potential bugs.
>> Please tell us if that satisfies your requirement?
>> Thanks,
>> Andreas
>> Kevin Fleischer wrote:
>> > I have read the "text in an area" part of the document. I did not see
>> a posibility to set the text-area anchor point.
>> >
>> > I suggest to add a new attribut to the new text-area tag.
>> >
>> > 'anchor-point'
>> >     Value:   	auto | top-left | top-center | top-right | middle-left |
>> middle-center | middle-right | bottom-left | bottom-center |
>> bottom-right | inherited
>> >     Initial:   	auto
>> >     Applies to:   	'textArea'
>> >     Inherited:   	yes
>> >     Percentages:   	N/A
>> >     Media:   	visual
>> >     Animatable:   	yes
>> >     Computed value:   	Specified value, except inherit
>> >
>> > The "anchor-point" property specifies where the anchor point of a
>> text-area is located. The value "auto" is for left-to-right text
>> identical to "top-left".
>> > The position specified by the "x" and "y" property of the "text-area"
>> define the position of that anchor point.
>> >
>> > A optional value of "(<coordinate>,<coordinate>)" should also be taken
>> into account. The first <coordinate> would specify a x-offset to the
>> "auto" anchor x-position, where the second <coordinate> does the same
>> for the y-position.
>> >
>> >
>> > Kind regards,
>> > Kevin Fleischer
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