Re:SVG for Firefox and Linux

Hi Cameron,

I'd like to ask you just two things. Why this works on IE without any
modification and what should I have to change to make it work on Firefox?

Thanks in advance.


Hi DJ.

> I have a problem. Adobe SVG viewer works fine just for IE.
> I've tried to use it in Firefox and Opera and I had no good results.
> Maybe you can help me. I need to render svg files like this:
> When the map is ready you just click at "tematica" then you have the map
> ready. But it just works using IE.
> For Jesus, Do you know how to render this file on Firefox on windows or on
> linux?

Firstly, there is a problem with the configuration of your web server.
Even though you are serving gzipped SVG, the MIME type the server
reports is text/plain (it should be Content-Type: image/svg+xml and
Content-Encoding: gzip).  See:

The document itself is missing namespace declarations on the document
element.  It should have:


With these, the document renders a map (at least) in Firefox on Linux.
The interactions don't seem to work, though.  When mousing over a
section of the map I get JavaScript errors.  The script in the document
seems obfuscated or generated; it's difficult for me to diagnose the
exact problem in a couple of minutes.

Try to follow the guidelines Jonathan Watt has written up, which will
help you with cross-browser SVG:

For more help you should try the Yahoo svg-developers group (www-svg is
primarily for discussion the SVG specification itself).


Received on Thursday, 15 March 2007 09:29:03 UTC