Re: does the systemLanguage attribute apply to tspan? alternatively does the switch element take x & y coordinates?

Tor, Doug, Chris...

the reason that 'switch transform' doesn't work for me is this use case:

  <switch transform='translate(130,250)'>
                 <g  systemLanguage="it"><use xlink:href="#sound"  
id="sound1it"/><text >giochi</text></g>
		<g systemLanguage="en"><use xlink:href="#sound" id="sound1en"/ 
 ><text >games too</text></g>
                 <g><use xlink:href="#sound" id="sound1"/><text  

where #sound is an icon whose position is not related directly to the  
text in the switch statement.
typically  x="10%" y="15%" width="20%" height="30%" but omitted for  

thus icons are all over the page, but the text is only in one fixed  
position. give a reasonable approximation ~:"

One could duplicate evaluation of systemLanguage, but that seems  
kludgy and makes for harder maintenance.
ie there might be cultural reasons for changing the icon for some  
languages, etc.

Jonathan Chetwynd

On 14 Mar 2007, at 16:56, T Rowley wrote:

> transform='translate(130,250)'

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