Re: SVGZoomEvent errata - zoomRectScreen

Jonathan Watt wrote:
> I suspect the only useful thing a rectangle on the SVGZoom event could 
> specify is the user space rectangle described above. If that was the 
> intention of zoomRectScreen then I suspect "screen" was a mistake and 
> I'd really like to see an errata item saying something like:
>     readonly SVGRect zoomRectScreen
>       The rectangle established by the x, y, width, and height attributes
>       of the <svg> element that is the target of the SVGZoomEvent. The
>       rectangle is in the user space established _by_ the target <svg>
>       element.

Actually I've just remembered you need the same user space rectangle when the 
currentTranslate object is changed, and that only dispatches an SVGScroll event. 
Seems to me it would be more useful to have this user space rect as a property 
of the SVGSVGElement interface or some other solution. Since I've advocated 
deprecating every other member of SVGZoomEvent in my previous email, maybe it 
would be a good idea to just deprecate zoomRectScreen (and thus SVGZoomEvent) as 
well and make the user space rect available some other way in a future version 
of SVG. The "screen" in zoomRectScreen would seem to make it a little 
inappropriate for holding user space information. I understand SVG 1.2 Tiny 
defines a "zoom" event that doesn't implement SVGZoomEvent anyway.


Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2007 19:24:52 UTC