SVGZoomEvent errata - previousScale, previousTranslate, newScale, newTranslate

Hi all,

This is my third proposal for errata on SVGZoomElement. Please note that I sent 
them in order of importance. If time or resource constraints prevent all of them 
from being addressed at this time, then please start with my first email on 
zoomRectScreen [1].

The SVGZoomEvent members newScale and newTranslate seem redundant since the user 
can access the same information using:

I suggest that these members should be deprecated.

Less obviously the previousScale and previousTranslate members also seem to me 
to be redundant. In the rare case where the old values are needed (I've 
frequently wanted the new values, but never the old) the authors can keep track 
of the old values themselves. Deprecating these members would simplify things 
and save implementations from bloating <svg> elements' underlying objects to 
keep track of the three old values when the vast majority (if not all) SVG will 
never use them. SVG objects are bloaty enough without adding more bloat for rare 
edge cases where the user can keep track of what they need anyway.

Note that I implemented SVGZoomEvent for Mozilla, so I'm advocating making my 
own work and code redundant for the sake of simplicity and smaller footprint for 
the vast majority of SVG out there.



Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2007 19:05:50 UTC