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[Bug 4919] Clarification about color-interpolation in feDisplacementMap

[Bug 4928] circular definition of SVG font vert-origin-y, ascent if neither set

[Bug 4929] multiple <font-face> elements

[Bug 4930] multiple <missing-glyph>

[Bug 4931] <font-face> {underline,strikethrough,overline}-{position,thickness} defaults

[Bug 4932] <font-face> ascent/descent definitions incorrect

[Bug 4933] SVGFESpecularLighting missing kernelUnitLength?

[Bug 4934] feDiffuseLighting calculation does not define I(x,y)

[Bug 4935] feSpotLight's limitingConeAngle not mentioned in lighting equations

[Bug 4936] FillPaint and StrokePaint inputs for filters poorly defined for container elements

[Bug 4937] Contracting IDL definitions

[Bug 4938] SVG errata impossible to find

Authoring SVG / opacity, animate and mask

Authoring SVG, and the SVG Language (was: opacity, animate and mask)

clip % mask...

opacity, animate and mask

Stripping whitespace from text nodes

SVG Validator

SVGt 1.2 Sect 12.3.1: Video transform requirements

What does the line in feDisplacementMap about color-interpolation filters not applying to in mean?

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