Re: SVG12: hyperlink-based timing in 14.3.2

* Andrew Emmons wrote:
>>Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,
>>14.3.2 fails to discuss hyperlink based timing, in fact, there are just
>>two tiny hints in the specification that this might be supported, there
>>does not seem to be an example for it either. Please include a proper
>>definition of this feature in 14.3.2 and include at least one example
>>for it in e.g. the animation or multimedia chapter.

>As SVG does not make any specific rules regarding hyperlink timing,
>there is no need for a proper definition of this feature in
>the draft.

SVG Tiny 1.2 does define the semantics of fragment identifiers for the
image/svg+xml media type. As hyperlink based timing is based on these
semantics, it does have to properly define it, so this is not acceptable
to me. Likewise, the example in the SMIL specification is highly SMIL-
specific, I don't think that an SVG-specific example is asking too much
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