Re: SVG12: hyperlink-based timing in 14.3.2

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The table in section 14.3.2 mentions that the <a> element can be the
target of hyperlink timing. A link to section
erlinksAndTiming of the SMIL spec 

is also provided.


In the animation chapter of the draft spec, 

The following sentence can be found:


"Except for any SVG-specific rules explicitly mentioned in this
specification, the normative definition for SVG's animation 

elements and attributes are the SMIL 2.0 Animation Modules
<> ."


As SVG does not make any specific rules regarding hyperlink timing,
there is no need for a proper definition of this feature in

the draft.


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>Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,
>14.3.2 fails to discuss hyperlink based timing, in fact, there are just
>two tiny hints in the specification that this might be supported, there
>does not seem to be an example for it either. Please include a proper
>definition of this feature in 14.3.2 and include at least one example
>for it in e.g. the animation or multimedia chapter.




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