Re: SVG12: svgudom style

* Ola Andersson wrote:
>> >I've now improved the styling of the udom appendix. Param names are
>> >highlighted, hyperlinks are added, return types are clearly listed,
>> >etc. In general I've choosen to follow the styling of the svg 1.1
>> >DOM specification rather than the DOM3 specs since SVG1.2 readers
>> >are likely to be familiar with the older svg specifications.

>IDL members does not link to member definitions.

That's not acceptable to me then. This is a major usability concern,
without these links it is almost impossible to properly link to such
members from other web sites, discussions on IRC or mailing lists,
etc., and so it's often not done which means people refer to other
sources for the information (or no source at all) which yields in
fewer people properly understanding the specification, which can
hardly be intended here. You might not notice this problem if you
use the links only to navigate through the specification, but if you
participate in authoring fora this quickly becomes a concern.
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