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> * Ola Andersson wrote:
> >I've now improved the styling of the udom appendix. Param names are
> >highlighted, hyperlinks are added, return types are clearly listed,
> >etc. In general I've choosen to follow the styling of the svg 1.1
> >DOM specification rather than the DOM3 specs since SVG1.2 readers
> >are likely to be familiar with the older svg specifications.
> I am not sure whether this satisfies me, the only acceptable formatting
> I've seen so far is that of DOM Level 3, the style in SVG 1.1 (and Tiny
> 1.2) is very poor. 

As in all cases regarding styling, it's a very subjective opinion what is considered acceptabe and what is considered poor. I'm not agreeing with your statement above but that is of course just my personal opinion.

> For SVG 1.2 "Full" in particular readers will likely
> have to consult the DOM specifications aswell, so while I do not mind
> different color schemes and thelike, I think there should not be other
> differences. At the very least, please make sure that all members in
> IDL code link to the definition of that member.
> Note,
> and (member-only) were used
> to generate markup, the IDL code, the Java and ECMAScript bindings, etc.
> for the DOM specifications.
> It's based on an extented XMLSpec format which is widely used across
> working groups, there are many tools for it to generate diff, single
> file, PDF, etc. versions, to check for outdated references, and so
> on. I would suggest to switch to this XMLSpec format, it would solve
> a bunch of issues and generate the style I'd like to see here...

Switching to XMLSpec format is a good suggestion. This is IMO something we should consider for the next version of SVG.

> Failing that, could you list the differences between DOM Level 3 and
> the new formatting for SVG Tiny 1.2?

IDL members does not link to member definitions.

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