Re: [SVGMobile12] Conformance criteria

Hi Ian,

Ian Hickson wrote:

>On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Chris Lilley wrote:
>>If these are not specified, the default values of 100% are used.
>>If these are not specified, the default values of 100% must be used.
>The former is a statement of fact, the second is a conformance criteria. 
>Which should be used depends on whether that part of the spec is 
>attempting to describe behaviour (e.g. because it is a tutorial section) 
>or is attempting to state what user agents are supposed to do.
>Or to put it another way: The latter is something you have to test before 
>you exit CR, the former is meaningless unless you have some text elsewhere 
>that promotes it to spec status (but I did not see any such text when 
>perusing the new conformance section D.2).
>Which is all to say that actually you don't really have a choice, it has 
>to be the second of the above.
>In general I would recommend going through the SVG 1.2 spec with a fine 
>tooth comb making sure conformance criteria are actually conformance 
>criteria. At the moment, much of the spec is actually untestable due to 
>poor phraseology. For example, "A value of zero disables rendering of the 
>element" is not technically testable, as it is not strictly a conformance 
>criteria; at least not per section D.2 as I understand it.
The working group have assigned actions for several people to review the 
entire specification to ensure that as you say, conformance criteria are 
actually conformance criteria.


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