Re: [SVGMobile12] 2.1.5: SVG not appropriate for multi-namespace use

Dean Jackson wrote:
> SVG Mobile 1.2 does not use CSS stylesheets, nor have a style
> attribute.

And if used in an XHTML document that has style sheets those style sheets do not 
apply to the SVG Mobile 1.2 content?  That wasn't obvious to me from the SVG 
Mobile 1.2 specification.  Did I miss the place where the specification says 
that a conforming SVG Mobile 1.2 user-agent MUST NOT apply such stylesheets to 
the SVG content or what the result of said application should be if it does? 
(Per your comment, it sounds like the result MUST be absolutely no effect on the 
SVG rendering.)

> [In fact, it might be easier to define SVG Mobile 1.2 without
> any reference to CSS because it seems the mention of CSS causes
> a lot of concern in implementers]

As well it should in this case.

> I'm not dismissing the issue in general, but I don't think
> it applies to SVG Mobile 1.2 itself. It's either a SVG Full 1.2
> issue or a CDF issue.

Note that David didn't request that anything about the interaction of SVG with 
other specifications be changed.  He _did_ request that the statement that SVG 
is appropriate for use in multi-namespace environments be removed; per your 
comments it would seem that would need to happen until such a time as CDF has 
time to look into the issue.


Received on Saturday, 21 May 2005 00:56:29 UTC