Re: sXBL defining shadow character data

Jon Ferraiolo:
> Let's call your example below Example 1. Here is another example to 
> consider (Example 2):
> <xbl:definition element="ex:test">
>    <xbl:template><tspan>world</tspan></xbl:template>
> </xbl:definition>
> Let me throw the question back to you to respond as an implementer. Do you 
> think it is easier on implementers to support or not support Example 1 and 
> Example ? My inclination is to say both are supported.

I agree, I don't think it is difficult to support both, at least for the
'text' element.  The code handling the element just needs to walk the
flattened tree instead of the actual DOM tree, and listen for XBL
binding events.

My guess is that it would be similarly not difficult to handle it for
elements such as 'style', 'script', ..., but I haven't looked into that
yet so I can't be sure.

> is about nine
> months old now...

I thought my question sounded familiar!


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