Re: sXBL defining shadow character data

* Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
>Very good question! I do not believe this particular use case has been 
>discussed. The SVG spec needs to be clear about whether implementations 
>should support your example or not support it. is about nine
months old now...

>Let's call your example below Example 1. Here is another example to 
>consider (Example 2):
><xbl:definition element="ex:test">
>    <xbl:template><tspan>world</tspan></xbl:template>
>Let me throw the question back to you to respond as an implementer. Do you 
>think it is easier on implementers to support or not support Example 1 and 
>Example ? My inclination is to say both are supported.

<text>Hello<ex:test/>.</text> with 

  <xbl:definition element="ex:test">

is more interesting...
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