Re: [SVG12] Event categories

At 11:04 AM 7/21/2005, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>* Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
> >So, as I see it, we need to make the following changes to the SVG-t 1.2 
> spec:
> >
> >* In the event table in 13.2, change the column heading for column 3 from
> >"DOM3 Event Category" to "DOM Interface"
> >* Change column 3 for load to say "Event"
> >* Change column 3 for resize and scroll to say "UIEvent"
>It seems in SVG Tiny 1.2 user agents the event would not implement the
>UIEvent interface as it is not part of SVG Tiny 1.2. Perhaps it should
>be Event but that seems confusing aswell...
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I think "Event" works. I agree it would be less confusing in this case if 
UIEvent were supported in SVG-t 1.2 so that you could say 
createEvent("UIEvent") instead of createEvent("Event"). However, my guess 
is that the SVG working group won't want to add UIEvent at this point if 
the prime advantage is to make createEvent(...) a little less confusing.


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