SVGT 1.2: uDOM Document interfaces with minor wording differences from DOM

The following uDOM Document methods and attributes have minor textual  
differences from the corresponding DOM Level 3 methods, but where the  
intent seems to be to define them identically:


The textual differences fall into two categories:

A: not specifying behavior for particular edge cases
B: omitting verbiage relating to concepts not present in uDOM

I think category A differences are actively harmful, as they may lead  
to interpretations that conflict with the DOM. I think Category B  
differences are not particularly valuable, as additional text noting  
aspects that don't apply would be sufficient.

Therefore, for all these methods and properties, I recommend quoting  
verbatim or better yet normatively referencing the DOM Level 3 Core  


Received on Tuesday, 27 December 2005 07:08:40 UTC