Re: SVG12: discard begin

Hi Bjoern,

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

>Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,
>  In the
>begin attribute of the discard element has a default value of "0". This
>value is hardly ever useful (if the document begin is onStart the target
>element would probably not appear at all and if it is onLoad it might
>appear for a short period of time for which use cases are rare at best).
>Please change the definition of the begin attribute to include a value
>"indefinite" which is the new default value for the attribute.
>The value should be there regardless of the default value to allow
>reasonable scripting of the element, for example, the element might be
>at the end of a chain of discard elements which might be triggered by
>scripting, without the value authors would have to use some unreasonable
>value like rootElement.end to achieve the same effect. As this scenario
>is more common the default value should be changed aswell.

In response to your comment we have added the value "indefinite" to the 
list of allowed values for the begin attribute. This will allow the 
scripting case you describe in your comment.

The group decided to leave the default value as '0'. We do not think 
that using the discard element in content without specifying the begin 
attribute will be a particularly common use case. We imagine it will 
mostly be used in conjunction with declarative animation, not with 
scripting. The same effect can be achieved in scripting use the 
removeNode method.

The group thinks that the default behaviour provided by the '0' value is 
more intuitive to the naive user. If a discard element is present in 
content without a begin value specified and the default of 'indefinite' 
is used, the discard element will never have an effect unless triggered 
by scripting. The group would prefer the elements presence to be obvious 
due to the immediate removal of the target element.


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