Difference between XSLT and (s)XBL?

Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group,

I have started reading carefully the sXBL working draft and also the 
different threads on this mailing list and I would like to hear more 
about the difference between (s)XBL and XSLT. I understood that one 
difference resides in the event handling:

Chris Lilley wrote
"... its important to note a big difference between
XSLT and sXBL. In XSLT, its a one-shot, batch-like transform. If any
changes are made to the result, they have no effect on the source and do
not cause the transform to re-run;..."
This is a behaviour of the current XSLT processors. One could imagine a 
different XSLT processor that could re-run the transform. (s)XBL could 
define a different way of processing the XSLT templates. This would 
avoid having two W3C standards doing very similar things.

"... Its certainly possible to imagine a continuously looping XSLT
process triggered by mutation events (at least, for source changes) but
its hard to iimagine event flow in the result tree continuing
uniinterrupted in that case."
Probably because I am new to XML events, I don't understand this 
statement. Why wouldn't it be possible to have such a model working on 
XSLT templates while it is working with sXBL templates ? Could you give 
an example?

Best regards,

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Received on Tuesday, 21 September 2004 12:37:51 UTC