Re: xblShadowTree readonly? When does alternate rendering occur? xblBound boolean? (was Re: xblBoundElement in sXBL)

Jon Ferraiolo:
> Oh. I have always assumed that NodeXBL only applies to element nodes, 
> despite its name. The sXBL specification doesn't say that NodeXBL only 
> applies to elements, but the way sXBL in general and NodeXBL in particular 
> is defined, it seems like it has to be restricted to element nodes. Once 
> again, I will bring this up with the XBL committee.

But to allow script to traverse the flattened tree, you need NodeXBL to
be implemented by other, non-element nodes, so you can access their
xblPreviousSibling/xblNextSibling/etc. attributes.

That, or should the interface be split into two?  One for nodes which
can appear in the flattened tree (NodeXBL) and another for shadowable
nodes (which would contain the xblShadowTree attribute).


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Received on Monday, 20 September 2004 00:07:30 UTC