Re: Why sXBL first and then XBL 2.0?

>>>> Anything that will be defined here as sXBL will certainly also
>>>> be in the more general XBL 2.0?
>>> Yes - its to be a strict superset.
>> If it will be a strict superset, don't the other groups have to 
>> agree on what you have created now?
> What other groups?

I wouldn't know. I guess you should ask Chris:

# Because a more general purpose one will take longer to make and
# require input from more groups. The idea is to transition the RCC over
# to sXBL so that the eventual XBL 2 is an upwards compatible superset
# of sXBL.

Since I quoted the above statement in my original mail, I thought it 
would be clear.

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Sunday, 5 September 2004 14:27:25 UTC