Re: Why sXBL first and then XBL 2.0?

"Anne van Kesteren" <> wrote in message
>>> Anything that will be defined here as sXBL will certainly also be in the 
>>> more general XBL 2.0?
>> Yes - its to be a strict superset.
> If it will be a strict superset, don't the other groups have to agree on 
> what you have created now?

What other groups?  If it's W3 WG's or Task Forces then I'm sure they're 
involved - why else would it take 5 months to rename a few RCC elements?

> Starting large and ending small (the SVG profile) will probably give 
> better results.

but be cursed with sXBL not being in SVG 1.2 unless that is horrendously 
delayed even more to fit in with a complete XBL specification.

I also don't actually believe it would give better results, the more 
ambitious W3 reccomendations have generally been the worst, early 
implementation experience of a part is probably highly valuable.


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