Re: implementation size for SVG Tiny

Robin Berjon a écrit:

> Yes, I just wanted to point out that rough may vary quite a lot. For 
> instance, the latest version of PalmOS reportedly has natively all the 
> graphic primitives SVG Tiny needs. That would cut down the code size. 

Right, but that is cheating. This API would only be available on PalmOS, 
so SVG Tiny would only fit 50K on PalmOS, and the number of phones with 
PalmOS being negligible, this would not help.

>> The BitFlash web site says: SVG Tiny-compliant on Symbian for ~500Kb
>> If this is the minimum, then I would need a smaller profile.
> Where did you get that from, I can't find it on BitFlash's website. 
> Are you sure it's not the SVG Basic implementation?
4th line

> I couldn't find the numbers for Zoomon's Tiny implementation, it would 
> be nice to know. 


> No, he says "SVG Tiny implementation and advanced 2D graphics for J2ME 
> platform (...) and compact code size about 100K." 
> ( The conformance page 
> ( gives a good idea of how 
> much of Tiny is supported. 

By element, OK. I want to know by property.

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