Re: implementation size for SVG Tiny

Jean-Claude Dufourd wrote:
> Robin Berjon wrote:
>> It would depend in part on your platform, how big its code tends to be 
>> and how much it already provides you with in terms of graphical 
>> functionality.
> Of course, you are right. Right now, I need rough numbers.

Yes, I just wanted to point out that rough may vary quite a lot. For 
instance, the latest version of PalmOS reportedly has natively all the 
graphic primitives SVG Tiny needs. That would cut down the code size.

> The BitFlash web site says: SVG Tiny-compliant on Symbian for ~500Kb
> If this is the minimum, then I would need a smaller profile.

Where did you get that from, I can't find it on BitFlash's website. Are 
you sure it's not the SVG Basic implementation?

I couldn't find the numbers for Zoomon's Tiny implementation, it would 
be nice to know.

>> Tinyline is somewhere around 100k and is pretty much conformant. 
> Not really. The author says: "SVG Minute"

No, he says "SVG Tiny implementation and advanced 2D graphics for J2ME 
platform (...) and compact code size about 100K." 
( The conformance page 
( gives a good idea of how 
much of Tiny is supported.

>> Are you considering implementing? There's an implementors list if 
>> you're interested.
> Right, my question is probably more relevant there. Thanks for the tip.
> Best regards

Your question is fine here, the implementors list is open solely to 
implementors. It sits at

Robin Berjon

Received on Wednesday, 10 March 2004 12:01:13 UTC