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Re: Keystone Application Framework implementing SVG graphics

From: Jacob Lister <jacob@keystoneframework.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 20:29:26 +1200
Message-ID: <4100CC66.3090803@keystoneframework.org>
To: www-svg@w3.org

On Thursday, July 22, 2004, 12:11:24 PM, Jacob wrote:

JL> Jacob Lister wrote:
>>> "Keystone is a cross-platform, object oriented application framework
>>> which allows applications to be written to build on the target platforms
>>> of GNU/Linux and Win32 without modification of their source. Keystone
>>> implements several modern Web standards, including SVG graphics and the
>>> XUL user interface description language."

>>Would you consider the implementation sufficiently advanced that the
>>WG should include it in its test matrix?

JL> I've done some investigation into this. Yes, the framework could
JL> render enough of the test suite to make it's inclusion worthwhile.

>That is very good news.

:) Been a long time coming, I'm very happy with the framework as it's looking
at present.  It would be good to be very confident about the SVG implementation before 
I really start pushing foward using the thing.  (We've got applications for this work 
at the company which will be hard to change once they get into productive use)

JL> At present, I need to massage the test suite SVG files a little
JL> before they will load at all,

>(Unfortunately that would mean they all fail, if listed publicly. See

JL> but I could easily get my implementation up to scratch to load and
JL> render the SVG test suite files and would be keen to do so.

>I would very much encourage you to do that. What specific aspect of the
>XML syntax currently requires hand editing on your part?

My implementation throws exceptions and dies on loading any unsupported element at present.  
This means it can't load some of the test suite examples it cannot render, but also as
for example the <desc/> element is not implemented, it can't load any of the test suite
examples at present.  (though <desc/> isn't needed to render them of course)

Also my implementation is a bit fussy about syntax, spaces in comma seperated attribute lists 
throw it for example.  This is something I want improve anyway.  The test suite examples have a 
wide range of formats for colour settings (pretty much all that's in the SVG spec), the framework 
only supports named colours and #RRGGBB syntax at present (again something I want to improve)

JL> A few questions -
JL>   * My implementation is a standalone application, and not a
JL> HTML browser plugin.

>So are many of the other implementations tested.

Cool, sounds easy.  I could provide an application which loads a file specified to it as a parameter, 
that would be pretty easy.  My example SVG view app has a file load dialog already too.

JL>   * How would I go about making a submission?

>I will send you an xml file to fill in. I would also need to see the
>tests running in the implementation to verify that the tests are passed

Sounds good.  Send me the results file any time, I'll be keen to see the format.  I'll provide an application
to render the SVG test suite examples when ready

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