Re: Keystone Application Framework implementing SVG graphics

On Friday, July 23, 2004, 10:29:26 AM, Jacob wrote:

JL> On Thursday, July 22, 2004, 12:11:24 PM, Jacob wrote:

JL>> but I could easily get my implementation up to scratch to load and
JL>> render the SVG test suite files and would be keen to do so.

>>I would very much encourage you to do that. What specific aspect of the
>>XML syntax currently requires hand editing on your part?

JL> My implementation throws exceptions and dies on loading any
JL> unsupported element at present.

Ah, okay. I was thinking of problems with
doctypes/namespaces/entities/CDATA sections. Unsupported elements are
easier, in fact.

JL> This means it can't load some of the test suite examples it cannot render, but also as
JL> for example the <desc/> element is not implemented, it can't load any of the test suite
JL> examples at present.  (though <desc/> isn't needed to render them of course)

Same for metadata. OK well, it seems that for all the unimplemented and
non-rendering elements, you can have one, no-op handler. And in fact,
using that handler for any unknown (but well formed) element might be a
good idea.

JL> Also my implementation is a bit fussy about syntax, spaces in
JL> comma seperated attribute lists 
JL> throw it for example.  This is something I want improve anyway.


JL>  The test suite examples have a
JL> wide range of formats for colour settings (pretty much all
JL> that's in the SVG spec), the framework 
JL> only supports named colours and #RRGGBB syntax at present
JL> (again something I want to improve)

Right. These can map into one internal format of course.

JL>> A few questions -
JL>>   * My implementation is a standalone application, and not a
JL>> HTML browser plugin.

>>So are many of the other implementations tested.

JL> Cool, sounds easy.  I could provide an application which loads
JL> a file specified to it as a parameter, 
JL> that would be pretty easy.

Yup. So the test harness could be an auto-generated batch file.

JL>   My example SVG view app has a file load dialog already too.

JL>>   * How would I go about making a submission?

>>I will send you an xml file to fill in. I would also need to see the
>>tests running in the implementation to verify that the tests are passed

JL> Sounds good.  Send me the results file any time, I'll be keen
JL> to see the format.  I'll provide an application
JL> to render the SVG test suite examples when ready

Excellent, I look forward to that. The format is no big secret, here it
is (three xml attachments)

 Chris Lilley          
 Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
 Member, W3C Technical Architecture Group

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