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Re: [SVG 1.2] Make it less complex!

From: Philippe Lhoste <PhiLho@GMX.net>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 10:36:24 +0200
Message-ID: <40F8E508.4080002@GMX.net>
To: www-svg@w3.org

Doug Schepers wrote:
> Obviously, Bjoern was exercising a delicious bit of wit.

Yes, I first thought "what a moron" (sorry Bjoern! :-), then I saw the 
I hope my answer was perceived as such too.

 > But for those
> daunted by SVG programming (APIs and such), I strongly recommend Gavin
> Kistner's ObjJob, which is a great interface lookup:
> http://phrogz.net/ObjJob/ .

Thank you very much for the pointer, I will investigate later.
I have still to learn the API, so it may be useful.

> For those that want to learn the basics of SVG
> itself, I recommend the O'Reilly book by Eisenberg, SVG Essentials. It's a
> good overview and reference.

Thank you, but being currently unemployed, I will not buy a book now, 
even less about a subject I love, but which has little chance (in 
France) of helping me to find a job...
But I keep the reference for the future.

Note that I already overcome my fear of the "big spec" and went beyond 
the basis (but still have a lot of learn/assimilate), as I have found a 
lot of tutorials and sample files on the Web.
That's one advantage of reading on the Web: you can see SVG in action, 
while it is harder with a book. On the other hand, it is harder to read 
on the Web outside your office/home...
That's also the advantage of having clear text files: you can learn a 
lot looking a others' code.

> BTW, I disagre with Bjoern... I think the Spec should simply be done in SVG,
> so you can zoom way out before printing.

I thought of that too... When spending much time with a topic, we tend 
to see it as a golden hammer... I found myself, while driving, to search 
what daily objects I saw would be easy to draw/code in SVG and what 
should be avoided (or drawn only by using a good vector editor)...

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
--  Professional programmer and amateur artist
--  http://Phi.Lho.free.fr
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